Century 21 EPs

MA100 Journey to the Moon
MA101 Into Action With Troy Tempest
MA102 A Trip to Marineville
MA103 Introducing Thunderbirds
MA104 Marina Speaks
MA105 TV21 Themes
MA106 The Daleks
MA108 TB1 Trapped in the Sky
MA109 TB2 The End of the Road
MA110 Stately Homes Robberies
MA111 Lady Penelope Themes
MA112 TB3 Sun Probe
MA113 TB4 Terror in New York City
MA114 Perils of Penelope
MA115 Topo Gigio in London
MA116 Great Themes from Thunderbirds
MA117 Space Age Nursery Rhymes
MA118 Vault of Death
MA119 Desperate Intruder
MA120 The Imposters
MA121 Day of Disaster
MA122 The Cham Cham
MA123 Alias Mr Hackenbacker
MA124 Brink of Disaster
MA125 Atlantic Inferno
MA126 Ricochet
MA127 Tingha and Tucker in "Nursery Rhyme Time"
MA128 Move and You're Dead
MA129 Thirty Minutes After Noon
MA130 Tingha and Tucker presents:
The New Wombaville Band
MA131 Introducing Captain Scarlet
MA132 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
MA133 Captain Scarlet is Indestructible
MA134 Captain Scarlet of Spectrum
MA135 Captain Scarlet vs Captain Black
MA136 Captain Scarlet TV Themes

Century 21 LPs

LA 1 The World of Tomorrow
Compiles 'Journey to the Moon' and 'A Trip to Marineville'
LA 2 Lady Penelope Presents
Compiles 'Introducing Thunderbirds' and 'Marina Speaks'
LA 3 Jeff Tracy introduces International Rescues
Compiles 'Trapped In The Sky' and 'End Of The Road'
LA 4 Lady Penelope Investigates
Compiles 'FAB' and 'The Stately Homes Robberies'
LA 5 The Tingha and Tucker Club Songbook
LA 6 Favourite Television Themes